Zendaya’s Latest Challengers Look Is Nearly 100 Years Old


Challengers may well be a modern tale of sex and tennis, but that hasn’t stopped Zendaya from digging deep into the archives for on-theme press looks.

The actor has given us a press tour filled to the brim with sporty numbers and tennis ball hues. But her hit parade isn’t just fresh-off-the-runway Erdem and custom Loewe. Her latest look will have vintage fiends green with jealousy, while also proving that not every look needs to be an overt tennis reference.

Arriving at Zero Bond in New York City, Zendaya donned a chartreuse ankle-length, empire-waisted dress made of silk chiffon. The belted, bias-cut slip was worn underneath a cropped, ruffled jacket tied with a pussybow. Zendaya, via her stylist Law Roach, likely purchased the dress from Sweet Disorder Vintage, which boasts that the look was preserved in good condition from the 1930s.

The dress was first listed on Sweet Disorder’s Instagram in June 2023, so (presuming it’s the very same dress that Zendaya wore) it’s likely that Roach has been waiting for the perfect moment to break it out. We can’t think of anything better for the 11th hour of the Challengers press tour. But with one day left on the clock, we’re sure he and Zendaya will guarantee a grand slam with whatever comes next.

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