15 Best Ballet Flats, According to Fashion Editors 2024


Make no mistake: While they’re enjoying a trendy moment, the best ballet flats are as much wardrobe essentials as your favorite white T-shirts and black leggings. They’re endlessly versatile and add polish to every outfit—flowy dresses and polished suits very much included. We’ll be the first to admit that certain pairs leave plenty to be desired, though, which is why we turned to our editors to recommend the ballet flats they love and trust on a daily basis. (More on that in a moment.) First, let’s get into how to style ballet flats.

How to style ballet flats

The easiest (and most romantic) way to wear these trending shoes is with feminine staples like miniskirts and event dresses; pull this style out for occasions like weddings and daytime parties. If your style leans a little edgier, though, try wearing ballets with borrowed-from-the-boys staples like straight-leg jeans, roomy slacks, button-down shirts, and trench coats. Whether you’re headed to the office or to brunch, you’ll give off just the right downtown cool girl vibe.

Every color and material has its place, but we’ve noticed a huge rise in red ballet flats—often in leather or mesh—to add a pop of color to otherwise neutral palettes. (Dakota Johnson did it best.) Mary Jane options are also super-popular right now, as are picks at both ends of the “look at me” spectrum. On one hand, Ganni’s decked-out buckle flats (plus their many dupes) are everywhere; on the other, minimalist glove flats are fashion-insider faves. The takeaway? Pick any pair that speaks to you and style them intuitively.

If you’re shopping with a specific season in mind, consider the materials: A suede or leather style is great for fall and winter, whereas in spring and summer, you’ll likely want to reach for something more breathable (like mesh or raffia) that won’t give your heels blisters. If you’re flat-footed or need additional arch support, look for a pair with cushioned insoles and elastic or adjustable Mary Jane straps. And if you have narrow or wide feet, your best bet is a pair of shoes in extended widths or half sizes.

Ready to give your white sneakers a rest and add some timeless elegance to your shoe rotation? These are the very best ballet flats to wear right now, according to Glamour editors and reviewers. From trendy mesh flats to tried-and-true leather options, these are the pairs we reach for every day.

The best ballet flats, at a glance

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