Victoria Beckham Posted David’s Butt in Gardening Video


It might be “just another Saturday in the country” for the Beckhams, but for everyone else, it’s an opportunity for a David Beckham thirst trap. On June 8, Victoria gave fans what they didn’t know they really, really want – a video of the former pro soccer player planting some pink roses while the “Wannabe” singer watched from the sidelines and continuously zoomed in on his butt. 

“OK, so it’s just a regular Saturday in the country. David is doing a bit of gardening,” Posh told her followers in the video, which showed the athlete–who wore a fitted olive green, cuffed jeans, and a newsboy cap– leaning over as he dug into the soil with a shovel. In addition to taking note of his work, the fashion guru couldn’t help but hilariously appreciate her husband’s physical attributes, zooming in to his butt as she spoke.

“You look good,” she told him, lingering on the shot of his jeans and a pair of white briefs peeking out. When David thanked her for the compliment, the designer added, “That’s love, gardening.”

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Victoria continued taking viewers on a visual journey of their weekend gardening escapades, sharing another video of David then trying to transfer some pink roses to the freshly dug soil.

“Here we go, we have some action,” she hilariously commented, documenting her husband’s work as he labored to pack the soil down. “By the way, that’s impressive,” David cheekily commented back, surveying his new garden.

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Sparks were flying, and Victoria couldn’t resist the opportunity for another booty shot. She told him again, “you look good” and zoomed in on his butt again. In a third Instagram Story post, Posh shared a photo of the former Manchester United star kneeling on the ground with a shovel.

David recently revealed he’d gotten into beekeeping (a passion he’s apparently bonded with King Charles over) and gardening, and it’s clear Victoria’s a fan of the new hobbies.

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