Rejina Pyo Pre-Fall 2024 Collection


Rejina Pyo’s intriguing fusion of offbeat hues and playful silhouettes has cultivated a dedicated following, spanning from creative eccentrics to high net-worth gallerinas (she’s even noted that an increasing number of men are now part of her customer base). This has afforded her the liberty to present her collections on her own terms, whenever and however she sees fit—an enviable position amidst the rigid constraints of the contemporary fashion calendar. This time around, she’s chosen to present her pre-fall and fall collections simultaneously, despite their distinct aesthetic identities.

Reflecting her unique perspective on femininity, Pyo’s pre-fall collection captures the complexities of a woman’s life experience—nuanced, intricate, and ever-evolving. Drawing inspiration from her nostalgic memories of growing up in South Korea with her mother, she crafted garments with a sense of lightness. Airy three-piece wool suits adorned with the brand’s recognizable mismatched buttons mingle with flowing chiffon dresses and blouses. Split-skirts, accented with playful tassels, share space with cargo-inspired pants cut from organic denim. And knitwear comes in the form of snug cardigans adorned with delicate frills in soft lilac and yellow hues, crafted from responsibly sourced alpaca.

In contrast, the fall collection has a refined, English countryside twist. “I aimed for everything to have a sense of being cherished hand-me-downs from a beloved family member,” she said at a preview in her East London studio. Sharp tailoring in mannish houndstooth patterns, feature blazers spiced up with cinched waists, maxi skirts, and straight-leg pants. Elsewhere, voluminous dresses and skirts create the illusion of technical fabric but are, in fact, made of high-shine viscose. A playful zebra print wool is transformed into coats, midi skirts, and blouses, adding further dimension to the lineup.

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