9 Student News Outlets to Follow for Ongoing University Protests Coverage


On university campuses across the country, pro-Palestine encampments have taken hold as students call for their schools to disclose and divest from companies with financial investments in or economic connections to military companies with ties to Israel. These encampments come after months of protests calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, as Israel continues its incursion that has killed more than 34,000 Palestinians, according to the Associated Press. The latest conflict started after the October 7 Hamas attack, in which 1,200 Israelis were killed and more than 200 taken hostage.

At schools from coast to coast and across the heartland, university protests and encampments have been met with resistance from police, government officials, and even university organizational bodies. Amid this complex and often chaotic landscape, school newspapers have become a direct source for coverage on the ground, with access that mainstream media may be barred from, or lack context around. These young journalists are meeting the moment, working hard to report on a pivotal moment in history.

“We have had reporters and editors drop everything they are doing [to cover the story], even though they have finals that they should be studying for,” Arianna Smith, editor-in-chief of The Lantern at The Ohio State University, told CNN.

The coverage started well before the encampments. Since the October 7 attack, student reporters have covered all facets of how the conflict is impacting their campuses, from rises in antisemitism and islamophobia, to ongoing student actions.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the student newspapers covering not just the university protests, but the quickly changing political landscape on college campuses as it relates to the ongoing war. This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you’re looking for coverage of universities in your area, make sure you turn first to student reporters.

Led by Editor-in-Chief Isabella Ramírez, who is now a go-to source for on-the-ground coverage by global news organizations like CNN, The Columbia Daily Spectator has become a key spot for breaking news on the first encampment to take hold, at Columbia University’s New York campus. They’re on X, at @ColumbiaSpec. The Spectator isn’t the only student news outlet providing to-the-minute coverage; the school’s student radio station is also on the story. WKCR has been broadcasting around the clock.

After law enforcement arrested 28 people, including 20 Emory University community members, during the pro-Palestine encampment by students on the Emory Quadrangle, The Emory Wheel was there with reports of ongoing violence by police on student protesters. Follow them on X at @emorywheel.

The Daily Trojan, University of Southern California

The only independent newspaper at USC, run at every level by students, The Daily Trojan has shared ongoing live coverage of the protests and ‘Gaza Solidarity Occupation’ held by students on campus, as well as breaking stories of clashes with LAPD. They’re on X, at @dailytrojan.

As hundreds of students and faculty assembled on Main Mall last Wednesday to call for the university to divest from weapons manufacturing, student organizers were met with one of the largest police forces in the country; among them were state troopers, Austin police, and campus police. Student reporters from The Daily Texan were on the scene. They’re on X, at @thedailytexan.

After the establishment of the ‘Northwestern Liberation Zone’ by students to urge the university to divest from and cut ties with institutions connected to Israel, over 1,000 people joined the encampment by sunset, according to organizers. The Daily Northwestern is following with ongoing coverage as the encampment continues. They’re sharing live coverage on X at @thedailynu.

Following the arrest of 48 pro-Palestine protesters, including 44 Yale students at the campus encampment, the school’s faculty is split on the university’s response to both student arrests and the nature of the divestment protests in general. The Yale Daily News breaks it down, and shares more on X, at @yaledailynews.

The Lantern, The Ohio State University

Student protesters and organizers have consistently clashed with police, including Ohio State students, who faced a tense situation as police tried to break up their encampment. The Lantern shared more from the encampment’s five-hour standoff with police here.

Indiana State Troopers were brought in to clear the students’ pro-Palestine encampment last Thursday, when the university had abruptly changed its policies against temporary structures on campus. State troopers arrested both students and faculty, and the school temporarily banned some of those arrested from campus, the Daily Student reports. Follow the Indiana Daily Student on X, @idsnews.

The Daily Bruin, University of California, Los Angeles

Counter-protesters against an ongoing encampment in support of Palestine arrived on campus in recent days, waving Israeli flags amid rising tension on campus. UCLA’s chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine and the UC Divest Coalition lead the pro-Palestine protests. The Daily Bruin shares more on X at @dailybruin.

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