Big Hair Is Back and Larger Than Ever


Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes 2024 hair trends, it sure seems to be. Because big hair is back and, well, bigger than ever.

From disco curls and Beyoncé-inspired Texas blowouts to the phenomenon that is Matilda Djerf’s hair, it’s clear that sleek styles are taking a back seat to big hair. We had some hints with the rise of ’90s blowout—and viral hot brushes like the Revlon One Step—but hair has kept getting bigger and bigger. And looking more and more familiar. Like all trends, Texas hair calls back to a past era.

“Looks from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s are coming back and providing inspiration for this big hair trend,” celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway tells Glamour, pointing to beauty icons like people like Brigitte Bardot, Donna Summer, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, and Cindy Crawford as inspirations.

It’s true: In the past few months alone, Beyoncé proved everything’s bigger in Texas—including hair—with her single ‘Texas Hold ‘Em,’ and Emily Ratajkowski, Blake Lively, and Keke Palmer have worn ‘70s-inspired disco curls. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus’ Tina Turner tribute hair (obviously) pulled inspiration from the ‘80s, while Lana Del Rey and Selena Gomez channeled ‘60s icons like Bardot with thick and fluffy bangs.

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Brigitte Bardot 1963

Brigitte Bardot, 1963

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Short haircuts have pumped up the volume too. Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, and Madelyn Cline are all currently sporting va-va-voluminous supermodel bobs and lobs, which reference Crawford as well as Christy Turlington.

Clearly, beauty lovers of all ages are embracing the more-is-more mentality, regardless from which decade they pull inspiration. It’s a welcome change after years of quiet luxury minimalism. Sometimes, bigger just really is better (or at least more fun).

“Hairstyles have their cycle and come back with new names, shapes, and aesthetics, and trends over the past few years have been toned down,” Redway adds. Some of those trends include: low-key looks like mermaid waves, “that had volume at the bottom, but not as much height at the top,” but now,  we’re back to seeing volume that starts at the root, which according to Redway, “adds height and drama.”

But the best part of pulling inspiration from history? “There are so many new ways to modernize the look today by using interesting shapes, use of different products, and even mixing different styles into one, like adding braid elements into your big Texas inspired hair,” says Redway, noting she created an iteration of this hairstyle for Jourdan Dunn.

Jourdan Dunn
Donna Summer 1976

Donna Summer, 1976

GAB Archive

As for how to master your own take on the style? “The methods can vary depending on your hair type,” says Redway. Some hair might require more product, for example, especially if it’s on the naturally thin or oily.

To ensure maximum volume no matter your hair type however, Redway suggests prepping hair with volume spray or mousse before you start to heat-style. “This will add extra height and hold to your hair right from the start,” she says. Her suggestions for the job Nexxus Unbreakable Care Root Lift Thickening Spray and Nexxus Volume Medium Hold Mousse before blow-drying.

Gabourey Sidibe Hair
Diana Ross 1987

Diana Ross, 1987

Harry Langdon/Getty Images

Next, you’ll want to blow dry—or use a dry brush like the Shark Flexstyle—with a large round brush, and elevate each section away from the face or where it normally falls. “This will add even more volume to the roots,” she adds.

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