The Gucci Link Is More Than Jewelry. It’s a Virgin Islands Heirloom


Ari Douglas, another Virgin Islander now living abroad, echoes this sentiment. “Seeing someone wearing Gucci jewelry makes me feel a sense of community,” she says. “Almost like an unspoken understanding that we are from the same place — and the V.I. is indeed large.”

Beyond island pride, Gucci jewelry has become a cherished family heirloom for many Virgin Islanders. David Fonseca knows this firsthand, as his love for Gucci jewelry started young. He remembers receiving his first chain around age four or five, with a personalized pendant. Fonseca’s current chain, a gift from his late brother, holds a special significance as a constant reminder of his brother’s life and a symbolic source of protection. “Having Gucci on feels like a piece of home,” he shares.

Couple wearing gucci link jewelry

Teia Lettsome’s story reflects a similar experience to Fonseca’s. “[The] first time I got my Gucci jewelry was as a baby,” she says. “My mom made a gold custom nameplate, which I still have ’till this day, along with my Gucci chain.”

Whether cherished from childhood or acquired later in life, owning Gucci jewelry feels like a rite of passage for many Virgin Islanders. The classic puffed mariner link remains a staple, but jewelers like local company Cardow Jewelers, established in 1954, now offer a diverse selection of earrings, rings, and even watches, catering to a broader range of styles.

Just as the mariner chain was designed with strength and durability in mind, the spirit of the Virgin Islands people was built to last, representing a people who have weathered literal and metaphorical storms and still persevered, a culture that mirrors the breathtaking views from any V.I. hilltop.

The next time you visit the B.V.I. or U.S.V.I. and are in search of a unique and meaningful keepsake, ditch the keychain and consider a piece of Gucci jewelry. It might just become a cherished part of your story, as it is ours.

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