Sydney Sweeney’s April Cover Interview on Who What Wear


Sydney Sweeney posing in a black leather head scarf, gloves, and a Marc Jacobs dress.

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Sydney Sweeney puts on a good front on and off of the screens we’ve grown accustomed to seeing her on. When she’s on the clock at her production company, Fifty-Fifty Films, she’s tough as nails and seeping with confidence. Whatever it takes to mold a project into its best possible form, she’ll do it, without fear or reservation. The same goes for when she steps in front of the camera, no matter how scary the scene she’s there to act out is written. But while her latest role as Cecilia in Neon’s just-released horror film Immaculate shows Sweeney portraying resilience until the very end, after my hour-long conversation with her following Who What Wear’s April cover shoot, I know for a fact that the 26-year-old actor and producer isn’t immune to some of the more frightening things in life. To celebrate her new gore-filled flick, I asked Sweeney about all of the things that rattle her, and her answers didn’t disappoint. From tight spaces and slasher movies to red carpets and Instagram comments, read all about it below.