Stand Studio Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear Collection


That fashion went where the wild things are for fall is a boon for Stand Studio: faux fur, leather, and shearling are not seasonal trends at this Swedish brand; they’re its foundational materials. Nellie Kamras, who comes from a long line of furriers, no longer uses the real thing yet aims to imitate it as closely as possible. “That’s always something that I’m working on,” said the designer on a call, “but I feel like this season we managed to catch the right feeling of the fabrics, so you can actually almost not tell the difference.” They were luxurious, especially when used on voluminous outerwear. Lightest in feeling was a coat, top, and skirt set made of a fur-look fabric that resembles fringe.

Verisimilitude was not the point when it came to more worked looks, such as a creamy collarless coat bonded with patches of variously textured lambskin and a black coat crafted from alternating diagonal strips of shiny leather and matte suede. Steering the collection in the direction of separates dressing were a hand spray-painted moto jacket and motocross pants that were smartly on track with the collective mania for all things F1.

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