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Sportmax ditched mood boards and references this season, going instead for “a love letter to a real woman,” said a design-team spokesperson. Solutions for urban life laced with a dynamic edge and attention to what’s contemporary have been at the brand’s core since its inception.

Resort pivoted more on the straightforward than trends. Silhouettes were essential, verging on minimal; constructions were kept uncomplicated. A palette of bone, black, and lipstick red had a pared-down flavor, and stretchy fabrications gave the clothes a sense of movement and comfort. In a play between the lean and the voluminous, pantsuits either hinted at the ’80s—with broad-shoulder cropped blousons in black mock croc worn over high-waist, round-cut trousers—or featured fitted, elongated blazers and slim pants.

A touch of sensuality was perceived in shawl-collar wrap coats worn off the shoulder; a graphic animal print on a sweeping floor-length trench coat added some drama. Decoration was limited to golden hardware made into necklaces, earrings, and belt buckles, giving off some calibrated sparkle.

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