Lindsay Hubbard Is So Over It


When did you start to see them?

When the breakup happened, I surrounded myself with my girlfriends. Gabby [Prescod] came over every single day for, legitimately, two weeks straight. And we would sit and talk and talk. As we put everything on the table, I saw the red flags that I had been ignoring, out of love, and maybe out of the [desire for a] fairytale. I’m not going to pretend like there wasn’t an element to that. In my mind, it’s like, “Oh my God. I fell in love with my best friend, and now I get to marry my best friend. What a fairytale come true.” But that probably added to me being blinded from all of these red flags that I just wasn’t seeing, or was willing to ignore.

Do you ever see Carl around?

Yeah, I do. There was a wedding in Portugal a month ago that both of us were at.

Did you say hi?

No. It was before the reunion and there was no point in small talk. For the most part, he’s just another guy in the room to me.

During your tenure on Summer House, you’d talk about the so-called timeline you wanted to adhere to by certain ages—engaged, marriage, babies. Are you done with those objectives you set for yourself?

Oh, I abandoned those timelines. One thing I’ve learned is literally any time I’ve ever tried to plan something the universe laughs in my face. The universe has bigger plans, and I’m not fighting it anymore.

Do you feel nervous about filming with Carl next season?

I don’t.


It’s almost a year ago that we broke up, and I did a lot of healing. I’m still healing in different ways, of course, but I’m just so happy to not be in that.

Are you more over it than angry?

Yes. When I’m watching it, I’m seeing a past relationship and it’s infuriating. But when I run into him at a wedding, for example, I feel indifferent. I’m just more over it than any other emotion. Like I said, he’s like another guy in the room.

That seems admirably mature.

I’ve completely moved on in my life and I have so much to focus on in my future

Are you dating someone new?

I am. Yeah. He lives and works here in New York.

Would he ever consider being on the show?

I don’t know. We haven’t really gotten deep into those conversations.

Would you ever consider leaving Summer House?

I would be on Summer House until I was 100.

Yeah? You still like doing it that much?

Despite all of the challenges that my ex and I had last summer, it was really, truly a fun summer. I had a blast with the girls and it makes me excited for this upcoming summer too, because I still have a great relationship with all of them and the new guys, West and Jesse. I think it was a really good dynamic all around with this cast.

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