Sienna Miller Just Wore The Clog Shoe Trend in The Most 2024 Way


This summer we’ve been treated to more compelling shoe trends than any that I’ve seen before. All of a sudden, brands are brimming with elegant ballet flats, cool kitten heels and thickly caged sandals that make former seasons’ offerings feel meek in comparison. Whilst the rest of us are debating over which mary jane trend to buy into—I’m personally torn between a bright red pair and a pretty velvet style—Sienna Miller has been out and about in a controversial summer shoe trend that it seems only fashion people can really appreciate.

Styling a chunky clog shoe from her favourite boho brand, Chloé, Miller cemented her fashion icon status once again. Wearing a dark black pair that feature studding throughout the wooden sole and a gold buckle detail, Miller crafted a relaxed, boho-inspired outfit that is enough to make any fashion editor envious.

Owing to its large wooden sole and sinuous silhouette, many consider the clog to be the original “ugly” shoe trend. Although it has enjoyed popularity peaks over the decades, aside from editors and other people in the industry, it’s an item I rarely see anyone out and about wearing. When I do, it’s always street stylers who clearly take fashion seriously, such indicators being their outfits feeling incredibly current or timeless, and their bag choices being highly covetable. But, to me, this is part of the clog’s appeal. Wearing a clog makes me feel as if I’m in some kind of insider fashion club, one that I’m proud to be a member of if it means I’m in any way associated with Sienna Miller.

Sienna Miller wears a two piece and clogs

(Image credit: Richard Young/Shutterstock)

A casual shoe by nature, Miller smartened up her clogs by means of an elegant outfit pairing. Skirting a predictable white dress, the actor chose a pretty skirt co-ord in a deep black shade to form the base of her look. Layering in a pop of colour in the most low-key way, Miller styled a bright red pair of earrings with her outfit, choosing to forgo stacks of rings and layers of necklaces.