The Reason Millie Bobby Brown Didn’t Have a Bachelorette Party Is Sparking Some Backlash


Millie Bobby Brown is getting married, and she’s skipping the bachelorette portion of the festivities.

Well, kind of. During an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show—which she rolled up to in lavender sweats and a matching pimple patch—Brown told Barrymore that her recent 20th birthday party was “wedding-themed” in lieu of a typical pre-nuptial girls’ night out. “It was like a combination because I was like, ‘I’m not going to have a bachelorette party,'” Brown said. “I don’t party, just in general.”

But that wasn’t the only reason Brown had for shirking tradition. “Also, I don’t have many girl friends, I have more boy friends,” she explained, noting that fiancé Jake Bongiovi‘s “fraternity brothers from back in college” as some of her “closest friends.”

She added, “So we had a like a bachelorette party, but I was the only girl.”

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In the year of 2024, it’s not surprising that Brown’s quotes led some viewers to say that the Stranger Things actor is “not a girl’s girl,” which has become one of the worst crimes a woman on the internet can be accused of right now. (Just ask Ariana Grande and Love Is Blind’s Sarah Ann.)

“Eep not a girls girl alert. Hope she grows out of it and fosters genuine female friendships as it’s very important for growth,” one user replied to the video, while another wrote, “Girl if you’re still in the ‘I have more boys as friends than girls phase…’ YOU AINT READYYYYYYYYYYYY.” Many of the video’s comments just involve a string of red flag emojis.

Still, I’d implore the TikTok police to remember that Millie Bobby Brown is a 20-year-old actor who lives on and off film sets and likely spends most of her free time planning her wedding with her partner. More importantly, Brown did not insult women or attempt to break up another woman’s relationship, she simply stated a fact about her life.

Unlike her fiancé and his frat bros, Brown didn’t attend college in person, instead opting to take online classes at Purdue University. I’m not sure where she was supposed to find a thriving girl gang—especially in the age of America’s loneliness epidemic. As one user wrote, “I was BEST friends with guys [at] her age just because of who I was around (my boyfriend’s and my brother’s friends). Now all my friends are girls! Chill!”

Critics aside, plenty of people in the comments section are volunteering themselves for the esteemed position of Millie Bobby Brown’s girl friend. Personally, I suggest she reach out to fellow lavender queen, Olivia Rodrigo.

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