My Sister’s Thinning Patches Grew Back Thanks to This $10 Hair Oil


My sister is one of the hardest-working women I know. She is raising three children, just built her first home, and works full-time. When you’re a provider in the way she is, it’s easy for life to become overwhelming. Six months ago, she was so stressed that the crown of her hair was starting to thin, and in other areas, bald altogether. In the hopes of restoring her hair to its previously thick and luscious state, she started using Wild Growth Hair Oil religiously and saw a difference after one month. 

The $10 hair oil is formulated with coconut oil, which smoothes the hair shaft, moisturizes, and heals breakage. It also includes jojoba and olive oil, which act similarly to coconut oil but also provide relief to dry, itchy scalps. The cone-shaped nozzle has a cap that makes it easy to open and close and is great for applying with precision to targeted areas of the scalp. It has a faint earthy scent that dissipates quickly, doesn’t need to be diluted, and can be used on all hair types.

Wild Growth Hair Oil


Once things began to settle down in my sister’s life again, she focused on growing and strengthening her strands. She applied the Wild Growth hair oil three times a week in the evening, focusing on the thinner spots at her crown and around her edges. She also uses it for hot oil treatments when her hair feels brittle and dry. She warms the oil, applies it from root to end, massages it into her scalp, puts on a shower cap, and lets it sit for a few hours. She washes it out, and her hair immediately feels “moisturized and super soft.” And it usually stays moisturized for longer.

After a month of use, she noticed the once-bare areas sprouting new strands, and after two months, they were completely filled. It’s been six months and two bottles since she started using the oil, and now her hair is “thick, shiny, and has grown 2.5 inches.” She said the oil “penetrates the hair quickly, so it’s not left looking oily,” and the scent is “more natural, but not overpowering.” 

It’s no surprise it has over 20,000 five-star ratings with raving reviews to match. Shop Wild Growth Hair Oil for $10 on Amazon and other hair growth products below.

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