This Unlikely Supermodel-Favorite Sneaker Is Trending for Summer 2024


There’s another unlikely “it” girl shoe making waves in the group chats right now… and if you said Asics, you’re correct. You might be familiar with the style because of your dad’s workout gear back in the day, aka, when the sneakers were primarily meant for exercise. But now, as “ugly sneakers” continue to dominate the market, we’re seeing more and more people wearing them out, including famous faces like Kaia Gerber, Hailey Bieber, and Jennifer Garner.

I, for one, couldn’t be more pleased by this collective shift toward comfort-first footwear. Hitting 10,000 steps is a big part of my personality, and I could never survive life in New York in a pair of uncomfortable heels. While Taylor Swift might romanticize the 1830s, I’m perfectly content with the decade I was born into—an era where the same shoes you find at your local running store are also the ones street-style icons wear.

But here’s the thing about Asics sneakers: They’re first and foremost functional sports shoes worn by top-tier athletes. They offer styles for a variety of sports, including trail running, pickleball, volleyball, tennis, golf, and even wrestling. But, they don’t stop on the courts—or the field. They’re the perfect day-to-night shoe that you can seamlessly transition from sports practice to school to evenings out, all thanks to their versatility. 

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Gorpcore enthusiasts are especially fond of various Asics styles, as most are designed with functional details and muted colors that feel trail and street-style ready. Not to mention, plenty of the options are constructed with comfort in mind, with many sneakers having special gel technology built-in that offers improved shock absorption and ample foot support. All this to say, Asics sneakers are the sneakers you can actually walk miles in—and you won’t want to kick them off at the end of the day.

Asics wearers on the internet agree the shoes are, in fact, superior, with reviews calling them everything from “gold standard” of sneakers to the “best shoes ever.” Don’t let the price scare you away either. One shopper noted, “I was skeptical of the price until I had them in hand and on foot. Between the super premium materials and A1 comfort, I highly recommend them.”


Another thing to note about Asics is that many sneaker models are gender-neutral. The inherently simple design and muted colors that many styles are designed in ensures wearability across the board; plus, you can style them however you please, too. You can wear them with a tennis skirt like Gerber, or take them to the street with baggy sneakers and a cropped white tee like Garner. Either way, you’ll look cool, and you’ll be comfortable, too.

Ascis are certainly blowing up—and more celebs are bound to step out in the comfy kicks that might just prove to be a fierce Adidas Sambas competitor. Another sign of their popularity? Styles are selling out fast, so grab a pair or two while you still can. Shop some more options below.




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