Taylor Swift Brings Travis Kelce On Stage During London Eras Tour Show


You never know what surprises Taylor Swift has in store for fans — including bringing her boyfriend Travis Kelce on stage during an Eras Tour show.

The whirlwind romance that has taken the pop culture world by storm just reached a new level of madness on Sunday when Swift decided to give Kelce his moment in the spotlight during one of her concerts. During Swift’s third and final night of shows at Wembley Stadium in London on June 23, the musician took her relationship with Kelce to the next level — and we’re not talking about hard-launching him on her Instagram alongside the British Royal Family.

When the concert reached Swift’s newly added Tortured Poets Department section, the singer’s usual skit that intros “I Can Do with a Broken Heart” began as it has over the last several weeks, with Swift being carried across the stage as she feigns being passed out. Instead of one of her usual dancers taking on that duty, the task was instead handed over to Kelce.

Fan footage taken from the concert showed Kelce wearing a full tuxedo suit, top hat and all, carrying Swift to a sofa on the stage. He plops her down before going full actor and participates in the skit. In another video, Kelce is shown dancing and “applying” makeup to Swift’s face. The skit’s purpose is to show Swift’s ability to work through heartbreak and other turmoil life throws at her, and leads perfectly into the song.

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