Sienna Miller Just Revived The “Dated” Paperbag Trouser Trend


Whilst I’ve loved Sienna Miller‘s style at every stage of her fashion journey, I think I’ll always have a soft spot for the outfits that lunched her into style-icon territory. Whilst Miller rose to fame in the 2000s, it was her mid-’10s outfits that secured her status as fashion trailblazer. Styling key silhouettes ahead of the rest, the actor helped pave the way we approached fashion during the decade. I was thus pleasantly surprised to see her revive a trouser silhouette that was key in this timeframe and that we subsequently haven’t seen around over the past few years.

Stepping out in London, Miller opted for a simple outfit comprising a black top, a long leather coat and ultra-high-waist paperbag trousers in a shade of deep blue. Featuring a belt closure and a pleated effect at the waistband, the paperbag trouser trend were a key silhouette during the late 2010s. Often worn with chunky knit or graphic tee tucked in, the trouser featured a cinched waist often with a belt in the same fabric, slight billowing around the knee and gentle tapering towards the ankle.

Sienna Miller

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Whilst we haven’t seen this style around for some time, it does feel reminiscent of 2024’s newly-trending barrel-leg trouser. Featuring a similarly voluminous cut, both offer an exaggerated shape that often becomes the focal point of an outfit. With a similar versatility to that of the barrel-leg trouser, paperbag iterations look elegant when worn with a form-fitting knit or relaxed sweater French tucked when you want to look low-key chic.

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