Patrick Ta Major Glow Crème & Powder Light Reflecting Translucent Highlighter Duo Review: Teen Vogue Tries


If you’ve scrolled on TikTok over the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably seen the Patrick Ta Major Glow Crème & Powder Light Reflecting Translucent Highlighter Duo. The $40 beauty product, packaged in the brand’s signature rose gold mirror case, includes both cream and powder highlighters in the shades My Love, Baby, Sugar, Daddy and Honey. TL;DR: It’s just like the beloved Major Headlines Double-Take Crème & Powder Blush that’s all over TikTok, but a highlighter version.

Though the Patrick Ta highlighter’s release was highly-anticipated, especially after the success of the blush, it ended up getting mixed reviews. Some users found the shine to be underwhelming, expressing that they wanted a brighter shine. Others appreciated the subtle glow, affirming that it has a skin-like finish that’s optimal for everyday wear.

As always, to go beyond the hype (and, this time, the hate), Teen Vogue editors tried the Patrick Ta Major Glow Crème & Powder Light Reflecting Translucent Highlighter Duo ourselves and shared our unfiltered thoughts. Read on for our honest reviews.


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I hate to say it, babes, but this highlighter isn’t it for me. I’ve completely cut out foundation from my routine, so I’m constantly on the lookout for products that will make me glow because my bare skin is fairly dull, and this missed the mark. Maybe I’m subconsciously attracted to a more dramatic highlight, but this was almost too subtle for me. The shades are gorgeous, but it felt like they didn’t show up on me at all, especially when I used the powder on its own.

I saw some success when I layered the creme over the powder like the directions instruct in order to mimic “Patrick’s Signature Technique,” but admittedly I was a little thrown by it. Putting the creme on top felt redundant and like I was just pushing around the powder on my skin instead of amplifying it. In my opinion, the creme stands better on its own, and the powder I don’t see myself using repeatedly. Back to the drawing board. – Jillian Selzer, Social Media Manager


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