Kris Goyri Resort 2025 Collection


A new era begins for Kris Goyri. After two years of absence due to health complications, the designer returned to the runways this season with a collection titled La Vacación. Although pegged to the resort season, it is the first of Goyri’s single, annual collections, that will set the tone for the year—with extra “drops” throughout that will tie back to it. “I want this collection to become a year-round that will evolve,” he said. “I want it to get to a place where I feel at ease designing.

With this collection, he moved away from the universe of color that usually defines his style, and into architectural experimentation through a mix of chiffons, crepes, linens, and cottons; done in a strict color palette of black and white. Goyri used his time in recovery to reflect on what his clients are looking for. The rare touches of color, he explained, “symbolized the sun, the sunset, and the focal points on the body representing the chakras.”

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