BB Cream Nails Are The Next Big Manicure Craze For Glowy Tips


Makeup has already infiltrated the skin care sphere with hybrid skin tints. But now it seems our nails are keen to get in on the act, too, with BB cream nails gaining steam on TikTok and Instagram.

At the forefront of this micro trend is Canadian nail brand Gelcare. It coined the phrase BB cream nails to describe its Rose BB Cream and Lavender BB cream polishes, with one nail enthusiast, Stephanie Yianni, going so far as to say she’s “obsessed” with the brand’s new riff on her milky manicure.

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So what exactly are BB cream nails?

As the moniker implies, this manicure takes its inspiration from a BB cream (a.k.a. blemish balm cream), a two-in-one makeup and skincare product.

When used on the face, BB creams act as a primer, foundation, and moisturizer. Delivering the same coverage as a light to medium foundation, they add a sheer tint—just enough to cover up redness, acne scars, and an uneven tone—as well as being deeply hydrating to plump skin from the inside out. There are even those that contain brightening ingredients.

BB cream nails lean into some—if not all—of these benefits, making them perfect if you’re longing to channel a low-maintenance manicure for summer, on a break from gels or want a new spin on lipgloss nails.

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“BB cream nail polishes are a nude toned, sheer glaze for your natural nails,” says Lou Stokes, ORLY’s UK Ambassador, who likens the effect to “an instant beauty filter.”

It’s about coating your natural nails “with light coverage that blurs out any imperfections—exactly what a BB cream does for your face,” agrees nail artist Mateja Novaković, who suggests that BB cream nails can be created with both a sheer polish and a gel manicure.

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