Anonlychild Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear Collection


AnOnlyChild’s Maxwell Osborne was scheduled to present his fall 2024 collection on the runway at New York Fashion Week this past February. The show was initially postponed to a later date, but logistical difficulties got in the way. In lieu of a fall show, Osborne is releasing an edit of his fall collection he presented to buyers earlier this year to the public now. He hopes to bring his spring collection to the runway in September.

While Osborne often crafts an overarching story to unify his collections, what really dictates his concepts are his materials. AnOnlyChild works based on deadstock. “If you look through the collection this season there’s a lot of heavier fabrics, which is on purpose because it’s what we saw,” said Osbrone. “Then it started to focus on this girl who is hiding the person she wants to be.” Hence the oversized clothes, many of which are tailored and cut in menswear fabrics.

Osborne titled this collection “Pinch Me.” This translated most literally and successfully into the way he cut a wide sleeve and flattened the top line with a stitch line from shoulder to cuff, replicating the design language he established in his anOnlyChild trousers, which he is the best advertisement for, given that he wears them often himself.

Another of Osborne’s personal style nuances that made it into the collection is the way he’ll often wear his hoodies with one sleeve out and draped around his shoulder. “It’s me being non-committed,” he laughed. He designed a cool one-sleeved turtleneck that gathers under the sleeve and drapes over the shoulder that he plans on refining so the sleeve is long enough to be wrapped as a scarf. Other highlights here include the knife-sharp shoulder in his tailored overcoat and a gray stretch viscose double t-shirt with double sleeves and hem. AnOnlyChild is a young brand, but each season Osborne shows that he’s a veteran when it comes to making clothes both approachable and cool.

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