A Shopper Said This Firming Neck Cream Tightens Crepey, Sagging Skin


The neck has always been part of people’s anti-aging concerns but I think it’s become a more universal priority as of late. Most of us spend our work day attached to a computer and then our leisure time attached to a phone. It’s a phenomenon affectionately known as tech neck—lines and wrinkles formed by our digital lifestyles. But that is just part of the equation, since we are also still susceptible to the ravages of time. (Sagging skin, dark spots, loss of plumpness, etc.) Supposed remedies are bountiful, and a promising one, per rave reviews, is Three Ships’s multitasking Firm Believer Goji Stem Cell and Pomegranate Smoothing Neck and Face Cream

Three Ships’s Firm Believer is a multitasking neck and face cream that tackles these supposed grievances—fine lines, wrinkles, sagginess, and firmness. It’s a multi-generational product—you can use it to prevent these things from forming, prevent them from becoming more severe, or potentially even turn the clock back a little bit. 

Three Ships

Per the very long name of the product, the important ingredients are goji stem cells, edelweiss stem cells, and pomegranate extract. Their cumulative benefits are an impressive, scientifically-backed laundry list. This formula reduces inflammation, wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging skin. It improves collagen production, firmness, tightness, and elasticity. That’s pretty much everything you could ask for from an anti-aging neck cream. 

Three Ships Firm Believer Smoothing Neck and Face Cream “works wonders,” at fixing the problems of “tech neck” according to the 100-plus five-star reviewers. A shopper with “doubts” about its efficacy said that this product “actually works” at reducing the “fine lines” and the “crepey skin on [their] neck.” Another reviewer said they’ve noticed the skin from the neck to their chest “look tighter.” A 58-year-old shopper was similarly “impressed” with the way this worked on their “marionette lines” and “crepey” skin. 

Head to Three Ships to shop this “tech neck” reducing Firm Believer Goji Stem Cell and Pomegranate Smoothing Neck and Face Cream.

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