This December will be like no other we’ve experienced, that’s for sure. With our days and regular activities dictated by ever-changing rules and regulations—where you can go and with whom, for how long you can stay and what you’re actually allowed to do during that time—it’s easy to write fashion off as too frivolous to mention.

However, if the past year has taught us anything it’s that the little things do make a difference, and our growing list of small-but-mighty actions can include reveling in getting dressed. This doesn’t mean you have to own something new and get that fast fix in order to feel buoyant—I promise that even the most cursory and purposeful dive into one’s own wardrobe can hit a creative note and set you up for the day. However, a comfortable, comforting, enjoyable outfit may just alter your mood enough to bolster you for a slew of tough online meetings, make you feel that little bit more pulled-together for a brisk walk around the block or help you truly wind down for some “me time.” There’s nothing silly about it: psychologists will agree that clothes affect our feelings, they are our second skin. And as such, during the most dark-and-dismal months like December, it’s going to be increasingly important to find outfits that bring joy.