Fashion has always loved a tribe. Whether it’s ’80s power dressers, Sloane Rangers or hypebeasts, for every fashion trend, there’s a tribe for you to belong to. Right now, I have a theory that there are two distinctly opposite tribes that are emerging—the maximalists and the minimalists.

While I can’t deny that at times, fashion can seem a little silly and make you question whether you really need a pair of £1000 sandals in your life (I’ve honestly asked myself that question more than I care to admit), but in a world that appears to be increasingly polarised (you’re either for or against, in or out), these new fashion tribes are reflecting this societal trend back at us. 

I spoke to Professor Carolyn Mair, Ph.D., consultant and author of The Psychology of Fashion, about this phenomenon. “It’s an interesting proposition—the economy, the state of the world that does affect how we dress. After all, clothing is the only thing that everyone shares that makes a statement about who we are.”

Whether you buy into my theory or not (call it tenuous—I won’t be offended), I’ve mapped out the two opposite looks below. You’ll see which brands are championing the trends and how to style the looks and then shop key pieces. Just one final question you need to answer: Which one are you? 

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