If the last few weeks have taught us anything about beauty, it’s that a face mask really is the ultimate form of self-care. With a bit more free time on our hands, I think it’s safe to say we’re all masking more than ever. In fact, our Who What Wear editors’ instant chat has seen talk of masks increase tenfold. Where as previously we’d reach for a face mask once in a blue moon, when our skin was looking particular dismal, now we’ve found ourselves asking if there is such a thing as too much masking.

And the answer is, kinda, sorta. You see, face masks shouldn’t be used flippantly. They contain some of the most hardworking and potent ingredients around, meaning they have the ability to make or break your complexion. If you ask me, it is all too often because of this blasé approach to masking that so many people complain of post-mask breakouts.

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