T.I. attended an important event, and Tiny Harris was not able to be there by his side. He made sure to mention her in his IG posts, and he also made fans happy posing with Diddy, Rihanna, and more celebs.

‘Telling @majorgirl how much I wish she were here with me….Truly the ketchup to my mustard🤩😍Can’t imagine a better date ANYWHERE‼️ ALL MY LOVE 4 ALL MY LIFE💛❤️ #WonderWhatSheWouldaWore🤔” Tip said about Tiny in a caption for one of his posts.

A follower was happy to know that the couple is doing great these days: ‘so happy to see yall better than ever’

Someone commented: ‘That’s right TI she should be right there with you,’ and another follower said: ‘Awwwww this is so sweet. Y’all make me smile. I love to see a man that adores and loves his WIFE.’

Tip shared a photo with Rihanna which you can see below.

A follower said: ‘Not just the colors look good together – the both of you look good together,’ and one fan mentioned the music that Rihanna won’t release already: ‘Can you tell Rihanna we need that cd please or at least a single.’

Tip shared a photo in which he’s together with Diddy as well:

‘Congratulations big bro @diddy You’ve been an excellent example of what it meant to make it out the hood & thrive for decades. Thanks for all you’ve contributed to the culture. Love and Respect King 👑 #IconAward’ Tip captioned his post.

Someone else said that ‘A man that survived East n West side war in the 90’s being in the middle of the fire build up so many artists and have a long story of achievements it’s a real hustler and champion. 👾’


A few days ago, Tip shared a photo in which he’s together with Nipsey Hussle and fans found a hidden meaning for which Tip might have posted it.

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