The 73-year-old actor showed off a new look as he delivered a motivational message.

Sylvester Stallone is a silver fox. The Rocky star, who turned 73-years-old in July, has ditched the hair dye to reveal his all-natural look.

Stallone took to Instagram to post a video that shows his gray hair and beard for the first time, after years of dying his hair black and keeping his face mostly clean-shaven. In the video, Stallone delivers his famous “Keep punching” line, but it’s his new look that delivers the most powerful punch.

In response to Stallone’s motivational caption about goal setting, fans and famous friends reacted to his au natural hair in the comments to his post.

Frank Stallone, the brother of the Rambo star, noted that Sly resembles silver-bearded actor Jonathan Goldsmith, the face of the iconic Dos Equis campaign that once dubbed him “the most interesting man in the world.”

“You look the World’s Most Interesting Man,” Frank wrote to his famous brother.

Other fans thought Sly looked handsome and charming with his gray hair.

“Loving the hair you handsome silver fox!!” another added.

“Stay true to the gray!! Looks good on ya! Loving the gray,” a third fan chimed in.

And another commenter reminded Stallone that he is ageless regardless of his hair color.

“You look like Rocky 4. Just only difference, everything is all white now,” the fan wrote to Stallone. “And I can bet if you really wanted too. You can still pull off playing Rocky 4. Age means nothing to you Sly and that is motivating for all of us.”

While he’s gone gray, Stallone reportedly knows a thing or two about hair dye. The family’s hairstylist previously told People that Sly’s father was a hairdresser and that the future cinematic superstar also trained to get into the hair business before becoming an actor more than 40 years ago.

Although Stallone looks suave and debonair with his new hair, fans probably shouldn’t get too attached to his all-gray look. Men’s Health points out that the Golden Globe-winning actor may have gone gray for a movie role. When an Instagram follower asked Stallone if his gray hair and beard was for a movie, another fan replied that it’s likely for the superhero movie Samaritan, noting that Stallone is playing a gray-haired character from the comic book series Astro City in the upcoming flick.

Stallone’s IMDB profile reveals that he has also been announced for three other in-the-works movies, including starring roles in Tough As The Come and Scarpa.

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