Shawn Mendes made his debut as the new face of Calvin Klein.

Teasing the brand’s upcoming campaign, he pretty much bared it all on social media – in not just one but TWO steamy photos of himself in nothing but a pair of Calvins.

 Shawn Mendes Is The New Face Of Calvin Klein – And Twitter Had A Meltdown

“@CalvinKlein #MyCalvins. Campaign coming this week,” he wrote in the caption of the photo.

Shawn lounging around with his chiseled chest and six-pack abs on full display definitely caught the attention of fans. And if the 7.8 Million likes the post has received on Instagram and over 1 Million on Twitter (as of the writing of this article) is any indication, the internet just can’t get enough of Shawn.

Countless fans took to Twitter to gush over the singer’s buff physique – and express their (mostly thirsty) reactions with GIFs and memes.

Check out some of the more SFW reactions: “The Shawn Mendes Calvin Klein shoot is the greatest thing that’s happened to humanity in 2019,” one fan wrote. “Today’s tea: Shawn Mendes is an absolute snack,” another tweeted.

On Twitter shared:

“Shawn Mendes being a Calvin Klein model shakes me to my core,” a Twitter user shared.

To another, it became an affirmation. “I deserved to wake up to Shawn Mendes modeling for Calvin Klein.”

“I’ve waited FOREVER for this Shawn Mendes X Calvin Klein shoot,” a fan fawned.

Even celebrities aren’t immune. Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Hoodie Allen, Drake Bell, Charlie Puth couldn’t help but react.

“Killin’ it,” J.Lo commented on Instagram, alongside three fire emojis.

A-Rod praised the singer, writing “Goals!!!!” followed by a thumbs-up emoji.

Charlie Puth wrote, “Hahaha!!! Oooh S–t !!”

“Damn,” Olympic diver Tom Daley wrote.

“Delete this before my gf sees this,” rapper Hoodie Allen joked, to which Drake Bell also replied, “My gf already saw it…she has my permission.”

And this is just a teaser, you guys. Photos and videos are already being used in CK storefronts. Prepare yourselves – there’s still more to come.

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