Verizon Signal Booster Connect 4G LTE Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster Home 4G LTE Cell Phone Booster Repeater Amplifier 4G LTE Network Extender 700mhz Band 13 65dB,Boosts 4G Data & Calls-Whip+Yagi


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verizon cell phone signal booster for home office basement

Cell Phone Signal Booster VERIZON 4G LTE 700mhz Band 13 BLACK

This Verizon Signal Booster Amplifier Network Extender is designed to work with the Networks of Verizon 4G LTE 700 MHz Band 13 for all North American Users.

The Signal Booster Cell Service Provider is compatible with Verizon , the Specified Operating Frequency is 700 MHz Band 13. The Frequency Range: Uplink 777-787MHz;Downlink 746-756MHz .That means,Your cell phone currently operating frequency should be the SAME as this cell booster’s,so the booster can Trigger signals connected properly between the Cell Tower and Cell Phone. This Cell Phone Booster Amplifier kit aimed at solving your Poor 4G Network Problem,it Improves your Phone 4G Data and Enhances Calling voice quality.No more Missed & Dropped Calls,Enjoy a Faster Internet. Recommended for using at Home/Office/Basement/Garage/Village/Outdoor Camping.

The inside coverage will be various base on the Outside signal level, Building isolation effects and the Height of the outdoor antenna located ,We suggest that putting the outdoor antenna 10-15 ft above the top of Building/ Roof . Max. Inside signal Coverage up to 15000-2000sq.ft

verizon signal booster

Cell Phone Signal Booster Verizon for Home Office Use

How does FUSTAR signal booster kit work ?

Outdoor Yagi Antenna captures signal from Verizon Base StationThe 50ft coaxial cable transfer that signal into the Signal Booster Host /CaseBooster boost signal to Indoor antenna.Indoor whip antenna transmit signal to your Phones.

Main Specifics

Model : BV70 -Cell Phone Signal Booster Network : 4G LTEBooster Frequency:700mhzFrequency Band: Band 13Frequency Range:Uplink 777-787MHz;Downlink 746-756MHz Cell Service Provider: VerizonCompatible Devices: Android/iPhone/Tablet PC(Required SIM Card) Booster Gain:Uplink 60±2dB;Downlink62±2dB Coverage range:1500-2000sq.ft for 2-3 rooms Basic Outdoor Signal required: 2-3 bars Verizon 700mhz

Package Contents

1x Cell phone signal booster Verizon 700mhz -Black1x Indoor Whip antenna1x Outdoor Yagi antenna1x 50ft Outdoor 4D-FB coaxial cable1x Screws set1x Instruction Manual

Booster Technical Parameters

AGC (Automatic Gain Control):Uplink:-45.00 Downlink:-56.00

Power Supply:110 V input,12V output

Power Output: 17dBm(Uplink ),10dBm(Downlink)

Booster I/O Port: SMA-Female

Antennas: Indoor Omni Whip antenna, Outdoor Directional Yagi antenna

Support for:Multi-users

Working Temperature :-13℉~131℉

Certification Standard :FCC Certificated

Kindly Reminds: Before Purchase,

How do i know the right signal booster

Kindly Remind

The Cell Phone Currently Operating Frequency should be the SAME as this cell booster’s, so the booster can connect with the signals properly between the Cell Tower and Cell Phone .or, the booster can’t operate the signal as expected .


Q1: Why my signal booster can’t improve signal inside the house ?

A: Please check if your cell phone receiving signal the same as the signal booster’s?

– a) Yes , but not work , please check if both of the booster and power supply powered on normally and if the antennas installation correctly as suggested ?

– b) No , I found the cell phone network frequency is different from the signal booster’s . then contact seller for Return / Replacement.

Q2: The signal booster can’t improve signal even the cell network frequency and installation is correct.

A : Sometimes , it will need some adjustment of the Antennas isolation distance/ Outdoor antenna height/ Change the antenna to a better place. If the trouble still can’t solved ,please send message to us . We accepted 60days Return/ Replacement without reasons.

Installation Guides -Very Easy to Set Up

Installation Instruction

Installation Instruction

signal booster - easy to install

signal booster - easy to install

Step 01: Find a best signal location for mounting the Outdoor Antenna.

Note : The following APPs can help you check out Best Signal Location at Outside and the Cell Tower direction as well .

App 1: LTE Discovery .

App 2: Network Cell Info Lite

Step 02/ 03: Install the Outdoor Antenna

Then, Wrap the Waterproof adhesive Tapes at the Outdoor Cable N connector joint, preventing Water from flowing into the joint in the Rainstorm days.

Next , Fix the Yagi antenna on a Mast/Pole with U-Bolts and screws. Put Yagi antenna height 10-15ft above the Building / Roof.Yagi should be towards to the nearest Verizon Base Station .

Step 04/05: Connect the Outdoor cable and Indoor Antenna to the Booster.

Next , Connect the 50ft outdoor cable to Booster Outdoor Port.

Next , Connect the Indoor Whip antenna to the Booster Indoor Port.

Note : Flexible Whip antenna should be bent in verticality .so the signal wave can reach the max coverage.

Tips: Keep the indoor antennas at least 7-10ft away from window. Thick Wall / high-density objects separate the Two antenna.Signal Isolation requirements

Step 06: Plug the specificed 12V power adapter to both of the booster power hole and Outlet, Installation completed.

▶【65dB Gain Booster & 2000sq.ft Good Signal Coverage】 -The Verizon cell signal booster mobile amplifier Max. Gain 65dB (Uplink & Downlink), will fill an area inside the house of 1500 to 2000 square feet .Boosts your weak signal 4G LTE 1-2 bars to 4-5 bars inside the house .The verizon cell booster kit allows to cover 2-3 rooms with Good signals. Any interior walls between the signal booster and the cell phone will weaken the signal.
▶【Accurate Directionality of Yagi& Easy to Install】-The Outdoor directional Yagi antenna should be pointed at the Verizon Cell Tower Base Station.The suggested APP(in the photo) can help you find the Tower Location.Set up the signal booster antenna as suggested, The Yagi’s narrow receiving angle improves the signal coming from that cell tower and rejects interference coming from other directions. The Yagi is better than the omni-directional antenna to some extent
▶【Excellent Coaxial Cable 50ft 4D-FB】 -The Included 50 feet 4D-FB coaxial cable is long enough for isolation requirement, Highe speed signal transmission and Low loss .It is more Superior quality than many other cheap type of coaxial cables.It is soft and hard-wearing ,more durable and long lasting. This verizon phone signal booster antenna coaxial cable can be extended to 100ft Max. Less loss for signal.
▶【Supports Multi-users & Wide Applications &FCC certificated】- The verizon signal booster compatible with Any brand of Android Phone /iPhone/Tablet PC(requires SIM card). Recommended for using at Home | Basement | Garage | Office | Village | Factory | Store | Suburbs | Camping… instability signal area. etc. FCC authentication certificate,30 days Money Back.We have excellent Technicial Support.If any Questions or Your Using Experience less than perfect in Anyway,Please do contact us.


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