Utility Knife 5 Inch – Japanese 67 Layer VG-10 Damascus Steel


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How to make a high-quality knife? This is a question I need to consider every day. Facing the same but important problems, such as the budget, material arrangement, and the creative technology, what I think is to make the chef knife better.——John(Turwho Designer)

I respect this technology paranoia guy– John. In fact, what is the real need of a knife for a customer? This is also what I consider every day.——Me(Turwho Operator)

If you are curious about how to choose your Mr. right, please take the table below for reference.


cut, slice, dice and chop most of ingredients

chop and cut hard and bulky ingredients

cut, slice, dice and chop most of the ingredients(situtable compared to chef knife)

Cut fluffy food

peeling and handling smaller fruits and vegetables

separate meat from bones and cut thin slices of barbecue

Applicable Material

most of ingredients, meat,vegetable, fish(like steak, turkey)

Tough vagatable or fruit(like pumpkins or melons)

most of food, meat,vegetable, fish(like steaks, turkeys)

fluff food like breads,baguettes

small vagetable and fruit(like apples, oranges, carrots)

the food needs to be sliced or excarnated


Nearly most of kitchen tasks are situtable.Long and flexible blade is very practical in swaying motion

It can withstand chops from a chef without breaking in the process, saving labor

Situtable for most of tasks in kitchen.It has rounded end and combines the functions of a cleaver and a chef’s knife in one.The dimples on the blade can reduce the contact area between blade and ingredients,helping you move smoothly while cutting

Serrations keep the bread slice surface permeability and make it more fluffy.8 inches blade makes your action easily and smoothly.

Smaller and shorter than a chef’s knife, easier to make precise cuts

The sharp point at the end of the knife is designed to get into hard-to-reach areas around a joint to help separate meat from the bone,that is used for slicing roasts.



Handle Tough Material

Bread Slice

Handle Delicate Tasks

If you only what to buy one of them, we will recommend you to choose a chef knife to be the first choice. If you have any other specific needs, please choose the knife types based on your needs.


Please don’t use this knife to cut tough ingredients, only for meat, fish, fruits, and vegetable.
This is a sharp knife, please take care of yourself while using it.
This chef knife is not a toy for kids, please keep them away from knives.

Wash tips: Wash the kitchen knife with tableware cleaner by hand, then rinse clean and towel dry immediately.

The biggest achievement for the cook is gaining approval and compliment for delicious food culinary from customers or your family foodies. While the biggest achievement for Turwho professional knife manufacturer is supplying high-quality knives for the knife users to pleases their culinary experiences and get their approvals.

This utility is made of high quality Japanese 67-layer Damascus steel and treated with 60HRC vacuum heat treatment and liquid nitrogen cooling. The Rockwell hardness of the cutting core is 60+. The cutting edge is 16-18 degrees, which means the blade is super sharp. Compared with similar products at this price, it has outstanding performance advantages.
The utility knife with a delicate and impressive raindrop pattern please your fun of cooking. The sharp edge allows you to cut ingredients into any shape you want. Then don’t forget to clean and wipe your utility up after using, to make a perfect finish to your cooking.
Due to being smaller and shorter than a chef’s knife, it’s easier to maneuver for precision cuts. For chopping smaller fruits and veggies like apples, oranges, bananas, carrots, cucumbers, and peppers. Need to attention that it’s not for the tough work.
Ultra-premium G-10 handle is military grade with life-long durability. The shade of handle is designed based on the human engineering. This can lessen your tiredness, numbness, and soreness even if you grasp it for a long time.
If you have questions about the craft or using methods of the utility, you can click the name of the seller and send me the information. Finally, we are turwho, with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, no risk to try.


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