LAMDAWN Cute Ceramic Succulent Garden Pots, Planter with Drainage and Attached Saucer, Set of 5 -Plants Not Included (Round)


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Product Description

succulent potssucculent pots

Gorgeous Colorful Succulent Pots and Bamboo Trays

succulent potssucculent pots

The Perfect Gift

The LAMDAWN ceramic planters are a perfect gift idea. Your loved one will have a heart-warming experience when receiving your gift. The ceramic planters are a great gift for families and friends to display their love and appreciation for their family pets.

The LAMDAWN ceramic succulent pots are a simple yet effective way to add beautiful decor to any home.

Succulent potsSucculent pots

We believe our small cactus planter pots make the best Wedding, Anniversary, and Valentines Day gifts for your friends and family who love succulents to decorate there living room, windowsill, desktop, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garden, and office to bring health and happiness to there home.

The Designs

succulent potssucculent pots

succulent potssucculent pots

succulent potssucculent pots

succulent potssucculent pots

Each gift box comes with five identical planters, each with five gorgeous texture all around the pot. These images were created uniquely for your planter and transferred onto the ceramic pot to create a beautiful and sleek gift that could suit any home or décor.

Elevate your Home Decor with minimalist, stylish & versatile ceramic planters. Indoor garden plants displayed not included.

Set of 5 glazedceramic flower pots with the perfect sized drainage holes and custom fitted – gel stained bamboo trays to naturally help prevent water damage and root rot from overwatering.

Don’t underestimate this simple, yet elegant planter pot set, it has the potential to be the conversation piece of an entire room.

succulent potssucculent pots

succulent potssucculent pots

The center base drip hole on the bottom of the pot allows for water drainage and air circulation for your plants, and the natural bamboo saucers can be easily removed for cleaning.

The Sizing

Each succulent planter is a standard 2.8 inch tall and 4 inch wide, allowing it to sit easily on any surface in your home.


succulent potssucculent pots

succulent potssucculent pots

succulent potssucculent pots

succulent potssucculent pots

The five planters can either be displayed together or separately with your favorite succulents, and the wood textured bamboo saucers on the bottom of the pot ensure that they can easily fit on any surface.

Each planter pot is hand molded and extremely durable with extra thick, sturdy walls to help prevent cracks and damage.

Our stylish and versatile small planter pots are the perfect compliment to show off your growing collection of succulents, flowers, and cacti.

Our ceramics are made of breathable materials, which means they’ll work well in areas that might not get a lot of air flow.

succulent potssucculent pots

They are a very good choice for cactuses and other succulents and they’re a nice size(4 inch X 2.8 inch/item) for putting on your desk at work or on windowsills at home. And they are also used for party favors at a wedding shower and were a big hit. excellent gift choice.
Beautiful colours, glazed inside and outside, with a drainage hole and they supply the mesh for the bottom of the pots. keep your plants grow and breath in health and safe. Made of sturdy terracotta, so no worries about breaking them. Very securely packaged in thick foam trays.
They are the perfect, Petite size to have succulents in, or any smaller plant. The color is rich, even and the pots are heavy enough to feel sturdy, but not so heavy that it seems clunky.
Beautiful vivid colors and a pretty crackle perfect to decorate your balcony,windowsill,dinning table,desk table,office desk and room,modern and colourful looking also makes itexcellent for kitchen,living room and bedroom, perfectly matched with your indoor and out door decor,great choice to be a gift for friends and family.
Plants can have a positive effect on our health and happiness by purifying the air,reducing stress,and contributing to an overall sense of well-being.Beautiful succulant plant pot bring nature and positive energy into your home and make you more happier!


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