KUNTENG Controller, 36V/48V 500W/750W E-Bike Electric brushless Controller, Square Wave 22A Controller


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KT Controller only applies to KT system, please confirm whether you are using KT system, such as KT display.Waterproof connector is special that I can’t promise you it can 100% compatible(because of the line sequance).But most can use it if you check carefully. Please check your motor cable if it is Julet or Higo 9pin waterproof plug(there is some letters on the connector ).Julet is better.But for 250W 350W 500W.Higo is also OK.
Type : 36/48V  22A controller
Color : Silver
Dimension :128*68*38mm
Mosfet : 9 Mosfets
Maximum current : 22±1A
Rated current : 11A
Rated voltage : DC36V/48V
Speed set : 1-4.2V
Brake input : Low-Level
Low voltage protection : DC30/40±0.5V
Cable length : all about 10-13cm
Weight : 350g
Good speed and sensitive control: The controller is a brushless motor square wave controller, which can provide stable speed and sensitive control of braking and direction when working. What’s more important is to be able to work quietly and smoothly.
High-quality materials: The controller is made of aluminum alloy as a whole. The whole controller is sturdy and durable, and can withstand slight bumps and friction; the wire connectors are made of high-quality plastics to ensure that there are few failures during long-term use.
Good heat dissipation: The controller shell is made of aluminum alloy with grooves, and the good heat dissipation can protect the wires from damage and avoid thermal overload.
Simple installation: each connector has its own characteristics, reducing confusion during installation. We will attach a picture of the name of each plug to facilitate your installation.
Wide range of applications: suitable for all types of bicycles, but please note that KUNTENG controller can only be adapted to KUNTENG display.


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