KastKing Polarized Night Vision Driving Glasses Men Women,Reduce Glare and Enhance Vision in Rainy, Foggy


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night visionnight vision

Improve your night vision in style and comfort with KastKing polarized yellow lens eyewear. These glasses were designed in the US for both fashion and function.

The yellow lenses are ideal for a variety of activities such as driving at night or in rainy or foggy conditions, fishing, hunting, shooting, computer work, or any low light conditions.

KastKing night vision glasses feature a lightweight pliable Grilamid frame or stainless steel frame for extended comfort during long periods of use. KastKing frames are built to survive years of active use, they are ultra-lightweight, extremely flexible, resistant to heat, resistant to UV rays, and possess excellent memory and retain their shape.

KastKing polarized lenses are manufactured with high quality Japanese and German raw materials to produce a lens with excellent optical quality that is ultra-lightweight, tough, and scratch resistant. KastKing lenses pass a double decentering test to ensure they meet the highest standards of visual clarity with no optical distortion which can cause eye strain and headaches. Polarization helps to reduce glare caused by reflected light and also blocks blue light which helps to improve vision and reduce eye strain.

Select from a variety of stylish frame colors to suite your eyewear taste. Your eyewear also includes a molded hard case and a microfiber pouch that can be used for cleaning as well as storage.

night visionnight vision

night visionnight vision




KastKing Custom Metal Pin Logo – Hiwassee, Toccoa, Skidaway

KastKing’s custom molded metal logo pin illustrates the precision craftsmanship that goes into every pair of KastKing eyewear.

Ergonomic Nose Pads

Comfort is the most important feature for eyewear. KastKing designers crafted ergonomic nose and temples features to ensure our eyewear can be worn comfortably all day long.

Durable Hinge

KastKing’s durable hinge ensures your eyewear will remain functional and last for many years.

KEY FEATURES – Enhanced night vision polarized eye-glasses – Various Style – Reduced glare and eye strain – Lightweight, durable, & comfortable frames – Ideal for night driving, fishing, shooting, hunting, computer work, or any low light conditions
ENHANCED NIGHT VISION – KastKing yellow lenses increase visual clarity and depth perception for improved night and low light vision, rainy or foggy conditions. KastKing 1.0mm lenses are 35% thicker than standard eyewear for greater protection
REDUCED GLARE & EYE STRAIN– KastKing Polarized lenses help reduce glare caused by reflected light to improve vision and comfort. KastKing yellow lenses also block blue light that helps reduces eye fatigue and eye strain
SUPERIOR FRAMES – Made of Grilamid material commonly used by the military and in medical applications, KastKing frames are lightweight, extremely flexible, and heat and UV resistant. The ultra-lightweight material offers a very comfortable fit
PROTECT YOUR EYEWEAR – KastKing includes a molded custom hard case for storage and a custom Prym1 Camo microfiber pouch which can be used for cleaning as well as storing your sunglasses. To avoid lens scratches and lens coating damage, clean your lenses with a clean microfiber cloth or lint free cloths and fresh warm water. Never dip them in saltwater or dry with a paper towel.


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