Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch LBS/GPS Tracker Phone with IP67 Waterproof Smartwatch Two Way Calls Game Watches for Boys and Girls Compatible iOS Android 2G Birthday (Blue)


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Kindly note:
We provide kids smartwatch without sim card, you should buy it separately. And this watch cannot work with Verizon and att, it support 2G GSM micro sim card. Please think twice before you order.

How to set up the watch:
1. Before inserting SIM Card,pls shutdown the watch.
2. SIM Insert way: side insert way. Take away left plastic cover by screwdriver. Attention must be paid to the direction of the card when you insert. Once the direction of the card is wrong, it will be very troublesome.
3.Our recommended carriers :You can search T-mobileon Amazon. The watch is NOT be supported by the Verizon, Sprint, AT&T.
4. The watch worked, but for the GPS accurately has 0.3-4 miles error with the real position. For this problem, because it’s limited by GSM tech and GPS signal. If you’re mind this, please think twice before you order.
5. If the GPS Kids watch can’t work or shows device offline, please check if you choose the correct area when you register the APP firstly. In US need choose “North America.

How to set the time and date:
1.When you insert sim card into the watch and work with watch, time and date will be automatically synced to your phone.
1.If it still cannot update time and date,use your mobile phone to text the watch for calibration, “pw,123456, ntpservers,,8089#”. If you want to reset the time and date, please send message “pw,123456,time,hour.minute.second,date,”.If you cannot set it , you can contact us.

Don’t use this watch underwater, Because of the watch cannot receive signal underwater, you can wear it underwter, and it still can work out of water. Please think twice before your order.

1 x kids smartwatch(not include sim card)
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual

2.TWO WAY CALL&SOS EMERGENCY: Kids can make calls and receive calls, parents can save 10 phone numbers in this watch. And the watch can be 3 emergency numbers , when kids in trouble, kids can press the SOS button, it will call 3 phone numbers for SOS calls alternatively in 2 rounds until answering the call.IN ADDITION, Parents can send voice /Text message to kids via APP.
3.AGPS+LBS POSITION:GPS (AGPS) and Local Base Station (LBS) tracker smartwatch, with Double Position Technology, give your children double security. Realize all-day real-time location tracking, more accurate positioning, But when Kids are indoor or at poor GPS signal place, the positioning error range may be 0.5~4 miles.
4.Set the Watch Up: 1. Choose Correct SIM Card: Please buy “T-mobile” Micro Sim Card as watch sim card in US and activate the card with data, voice, text plan. 2. Turn the watch off, then insert the sim card with correct direction. (Once the watch has signal, then continue the next steps) 3. Download app “SeTracker2 ” on your phone. Create a new account on app and register.
5.FRIEND SERVICE: If the goods have any defective or problems ,you can send email to us, we will solve them. The register code cannot register again, if you cannot register the app, you can ask me to reset it. And if the watch “offlline”,you also can send email to us, I will help you step bu step.


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