Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Cabinet


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Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Cabinet

Full-Screen Display View Larger Mirror, Full-Length Mirror, Large Capacity Dressing Mirror Makeup Jewelry Armoire(Brown & LED)

Full Screen

Once they come across the frameless jewelry organizer, lots of people can not accept the jewelry cabinet with frame anymore. The difference is jolly profound! You got what you see from the picture, the last 5 pictures are from customers

LED Light

Jewelry armoire can not be described as fashionable without LED light, and the most faddish light must be the blue one.

2 in 1

The large capacity dressing mirror can be hung up on the wall or door firmly. If the door tends to swing shut, the angel leans, try to adjust.


The outside material is the TOP 1 wood of P2 standard( E0 Stand), the inside cloth is degradable. Lacquer free: 0nly a little glass glue to stick the glass, which might have a little smell. Please air makeup jewelry armoire r for 2 days. Magnetic door holder: if hard to open it first, try by force.

Worries-free Shopping

Since you’ve seen here, go ahead and take a look at the description, there’s a surprise for you. If you don’t like this style, you can message me for a refund out of NO Reason and don’t need to feel embarrassed at all.

Total price: $119.99