Infusion Wine Aerator


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Infusion Wine Aerator

2-PACK – HOLIDAY SPECIAL AeraWine Infusion Wine Aerator, Premium Aerating Pourer and Decanting Spout, 100% Made in the USA

  • 100% MADE in the USA with features no other aerator cam match. Supporting American Manufacturing
  • The best pourer with the benefit of Instant Infusion Aeration, Drip-free, Leak-free pour from any angle, no more mess
  • Patented Aeration Process allows for an elegant low profile pour spout because the aeration starts in the bottle
  • Made with superior materials that will resist chipping even if dropped, other aerators chip easily
  • Unique friction attachment allows for easy cleaning, no small, hard to clean holes like other aerators
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Product Description

Introducing the AeraWine Infusion Aerator/Pourer.  AeraWine was started with a mission to build a better bottle-top wine aerator/pourer that was innovative enough to qualify for a US Patent.  The list of desired benefits for the AeraWine Aerator was long but it centered on the idea that if the aeration was able to start in the neck of the bottle then it could have an elegant, low-profile pour spout and still achieve the desired amount of aeration.

Other features:

The AeraWine aerator also had to be drip-free, be easy to clean, allow for a smooth controlled pour from any angle, and be made from FDA approved resins that would not chip.  After more than two years of research, testing and modifications all of these desired benefits achieved.  The result was so innovative that the USPTO awarded AeraWine a United Stated Design Patent as well as a United States Utility Patent.  Then order AeraWine today and enjoy your Enhanced Taste Experience!

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