– Fashion Girl – 3 Piece Outfit – Cheetah Coat, Ivory Dress and Ivory Boots – Clothes Fits 18 Inch American Girl Doll (Doll Not Included)


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DreamWorld Collections makes stylish and beautiful 18 inch doll clothing for every occasion. All our doll outfits and accessories are designed in the United States and are inspired by the latest fashion trends and sometimes by real world characters. We mainly model our designs on the popular 18 inch American Girl, but our doll clothes will fit most other 18 inch doll brands such as: Our Generation Doll, My Life Doll, Journey Girls Doll, Gotz Doll and Madame Alexander. All our designs have exceptional attention to detail and we only use high quality materials for that perfect custom made fashionable look. In fact that “couture look” is the single most distinguishing characteristic of the DreamWorld Collections brand. We also have a lot of fun naming each of our doll outfits since it’s only fitting that a great design also have a fun name.

18 inch doll clothes18 inch doll clothes

Fashion Girl

3 piece doll outfit – Cheetah Coat, Ivory Dress and Ivory Boots – (doll not included)

18 inch doll clothes for American Girl Doll18 inch doll clothes for American Girl Doll

DreamWorld Collections Story

Welcome to DreamWorld Collections, home of stylish and beautiful clothing for 18-inch dolls! We invite you to read our story and to dress up your dreamworld!

My mother was a dressmaker. As a child I picked up scraps of fabrics from her sawing and made dresses for my dolls. I never had the luxury to have a single big piece of fabric to create what I wanted, but always had to use the scraps that were too small to be useful for my mother’s dresses.

Years later my 4 years old daughter got a beautiful 18 inch doll for her birthday. My daughter was still a little too young to play with it, but it reminded me of my old forgotten hobby. I decided to make some outfits for her. I went to the fabric store and I felt like a child in the candy store. The difference was I am no longer a child and I could buy any fabric and make anything I wanted. I felt like I came to a dreamworld. In the dreamworld you can be anything you want. You can create anything you like with no reservation. I felt like that child with that piece of chocolate but even better, I was an adult and no one could tell me that I cannot eat it all at once because I will get the stomachache.

I bought some fabrics and I went home. Ever since then I felt like I was in a dream. When I closed my eyes I was thinking about different outfits that I could create. The next day I was back at the fabric store buying more things, coming home and creating outfits on my kitchen table with my daughter playing next to me. Even my 7-year-old son was saying “Wow! Mom, I love this dress.” His favorite one was always the Asian Beauty, the traditional Chinese dress. He loved the bright red fabric with gold Chinese characters.

Soon my daughter started asking, “Mommy, can I play with this doll?… But please put the ballerina outfit on her because she is going dancing… And put the sweater on her because she will get cold… And I think she needs a friend to play with…” That made my day. I was so happy to see my daughter play with those dolls, pretend to go places and do different things and having made believe conversations for them. This is all a mother can ask for to see her children’s growing imagination and creativity.

I was also very fortunate that my husband had a passion for photography and web designing. We started making pictures of my 18 inch doll clothes and created a website to be able to share our dream with the world. This business idea was born like a good marriage based on love and passion. Now we would like to share our dream with you.

We hope you will enjoy our creations as much as we do,



Faux suede cheetah coat with ivory cotton dress with cheetah belt and golden necklace matched with faux suede ivory high boots.
18 inch doll clothes
Designed in the USA


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