Teardrop Pendant Fashion Necklaces


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Teardrop Pendant Fashion Necklaces

Made with Swarovski Crystal in Gift Box


The pendant is completely nickel-free, so as to reduce the possibility of rash or skin irritation. Women can wear these all day long without worrying! At Osiana ,We use only finest quality and authentic Swarovski Elements crystals in our Women¡¯s fashion jewelry collection . Also as Austrian crystal, these glittering crystals and Zirconia shimmer with the slightest movement and sparkle even in the lowest light settings. Our Jewelries make you shine and all occasions including parties, dates, weddings and bridal events.

Note¡ô Swarovski Elements and Swarovski

Note¡ô Swarovski Elements? and Swarovski? are not the same. Swarovski? denotes products produced directly and under guidance by Swarovski. Swarovski Elements? are crystals used by various designers and manufactured in independent workshops. While Osiana products are of the highest standard and use genuine crystals supplied by Swarovski, Swarovski? products alone belong to the Swarovski brand.
Perfect gift for any occasion. Help you dree up for important party and bring you Elegant Temperament. Great gift for women wedding or any festival ornament collection.

Product description

Osiana style specialize in fashion jewelry and creates elegant jewelry out of Silver ,Stone, Alloy. About Customer Service We always have an eye to good customer service as we receive orders, and continue to create new ideas. If you have any question about order and product, pls send us message. We will reply your message within 24 HOURS. We are more than happy to help you and to introduce you to our FRESH and BEAUTIFUL jewelry!
Osiana style Swarovski Crystals jewelry with Crystals from Swarovski Elements.
Swarovski is the premium brand for the finest crystal embellishments since 1929. It is recognized for its innovative excellence and its collaborations with top-class designers and brands in the fashion, jewelry industries across the globe. Available in myriad colors, effects, shapes and sizes, Crystals from Swarovski Elements offer designers a fabulous palette of inspiration, and are produced according to the innovative, advanced Crystal standard.

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