Nicole Kidman shared a blissful-looking pic to Instagram of herself and country superstar husband Keith Urban. The Oscar-winning actress posted the image in honor of Valentine’s Day.

In the sweet pic, Nicole and Keith, who have been married for 14 years and are both native Australians, are seen with their foreheads touching in the pic. Only the couple’s heads are seen in the image, making for a striking and intimate photo that is difficult to turn away from.

Keith is on the left-hand side of the photo, his famous tousled coif perfectly highlighted and sporting messy pieces of hair as he looks into the eyes of his stunning wife. His hair is also fringing the tops of his eyelids.

Keith has a scruffy beard and mustache in the pic and is smiling a sly grin directed at his breathtaking wife.

Nicole, on the right of the image, is looking downward for the head-to-head photograph.

Her famous auburn hair is pulled away from her face, so her profile can be clearly seen.

Nicole is wearing expertly applied makeup in the romantic image. Her blue eyes are lined with black liner and lots of mascara to lengthen her lashes and create a seamless line of color. The point of her liner is drawn into a small cat’s eye that lands just above the outer rim of her eye.

Her eye palette is a light golden hue and is barely visible above her lashline. The dramatic effect lends itself to perfect eye makeup. Nicole’s reddish-blonde eyebrows are filled in with just a hint of color to perfectly framing her heart-shaped face.

As for her lips, the Big Little Lies actress used a nude color that provided a sweet contrast against her alabaster skin tone.

Fans of the twosome, who share two daughters together; Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, loved the intimate pic. In the post shared with Nicole’s 6.4 million followers, fans shared their appreciation and posted their blessings for a sweet day to honor love as well.

“You’re a Blessed woman & Keith is a Blessed man,” said one fan of the loving image.

“Happy Valentine’s Day loves! This is such a beautiful picture! Love you both!” remarked a second fan of the couple, noting how magical it seemed the image was to followers of the actress on social media.

“So beautiful this makes me melt,” noted a third fan of the actress and country music superstar.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite couple, love you and Keith,” said a fourth follower of the duo.

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