Meghan Markle is being blamed for moving Prince Harry to Canada as the Coronavirus threatens his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, his grandfather, Prince Philip, and his father, Prince Charles. The deadly virus is especially dangerous for those over the age of 70 as well as anyone with underlying health conditions. Queen Elizabeth is 93-years-old, Prince Philip is 98-years-old. His father Prince Charles is 71-years-old and Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall is 72-years-old. Social media is full of people who are leaving comments on articles, photos, and memes who are saying they are worried that Prince Harry may fall into depression should something happen to his family while he is so far away.

Meanwhile, there are more fears that Prince Harry may have been exposed to the Coronavirus while he and Meghan Markle attended to their final engagements as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Now the Royal Family is self-isolating, canceling engagements and doing the best they can to protect themselves and each other. Reports state that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are self-isolating in Vancouver.

You may see a report about the Royal Family and what they are doing to protect themselves below.

Many are worried that Prince Harry is under an extreme amount of stress and while it seems Meghan Markle is happy now that she has left the monarchy and is living in Canada, reportedly with plans to move to Los Angeles, Prince Harry is away from his extended family including his brother, niece, and nephews. His entire life is surrounded by Meghan and their baby Archie and many fear it is going to prove to be too much for him.

Prince Harry barely made it back to Canada before the border shut and though many are happy he has reunited with Meghan and Archie, many are sounding off on social media that they don’t think this move was the best for Prince Harry— even if it was the best for Meghan.

What do you think? Do you think people are unfairly blaming Meghan Markle for a decision that she and Prince Harry came to together?


Or do you think Prince Harry will do anything to keep Meghan Markle happy, even at his own hurt?

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