As those who follow the royal family are aware, Prince Charles has tested positive of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 and is currently in quarantine as he recovers. Reports say the blue-blooded man has only mild symptoms and is doing really well but his son Prince Harry and daughter in law Meghan Markle find it ‘incredibly hard’ to be away from him during this isolation time.

One insider dished via HollywoodLife all about how the famous couple has been coping with Charles’ diagnosis.

‘Meghan and Harry are following guidelines to stay where they are. It’s incredibly hard to be so far away during this crisis and of course, they are worried about Harry’s father, but they have no plans to fly back to the U.K. right now. The married couple recently returned to Canada after a whirlwind trip to England where they completed their final engagements as working members of the Royal family.’

They went on to share that ‘They chose to leave their baby Archie Harrison, 10 mos., in Canada due to concerns over the growing global health pandemic. Harry is level headed and knows the right thing to do is to follow the orders to stay home and that is what they are doing. It’s not easy. If this were under more normal circumstances they would want to be with his father but they simply can’t.’

However, the same source also mentioned that the reality of things is that even if they were still in the U.K. there would be no difference.

Because of social distancing, Harry would not have seen his dad either way and he at least rests assured that Charles is getting the very best care available out there.


Both Harry and Meghan are well aware that not everyone has access to such great care amid this global crisis so they do acknowledge that he is one of the lucky ones.

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