Kaia Gerber’s style has become quite influential, and with good reason. She routinely puts together outfits that are actually easy and accessible (you can always swap the designer items out for more affordable ones). She wears plenty of comfortable basics and seems to have a wardrobe full of jeans, tees, blazers, sweatshirts, sneakers, and, yes, leggings. Speaking of the latter, Gerber has been wearing them a lot recently, and we’ve noticed a clear pattern in how she’s styling them.

We love an outfit trend that you don’t have to buy anything to pull off, and that’s what Gerber just gave us in wearing her leggings and sneakers with casual socks pulled up over them. It’s not groundbreaking but it’s enough to make your legging outfits feel fresh in the New Year, don’t you think? Keep scrolling to see how it’s done and shop the look.

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