Jordyn Woods got all her fans and followers excited when she posted a bunch of lingerie pics just ahead of Valentine’s Day. Check out the photos that Jordyn shared on her social media account below.

These pics had Megan Thee Stallion hop in the comments to flirt with her a bit.

‘Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner I’m bringing these back🌹🥰’ Jordyn captioned her post.

Megan told her: ‘Damn, let me take you out 😛😍’ and, of course, this had fans crazy with excitement, visualizing the two ladies together.

Speaking of Megan, she’s been recently in the spotlight when more rumors suggested that she’s dating G-Eazy.

You may recall that the whole Internet went crazy when Megan Thee Stallion was filmed together with G-Eazy.

They were first seen together at a party, and then on a couch and he was literally licking her cheek.

After that, she slammed the rumors and told everyone that she’s not going out with him.

Anyway, another one of Jordyn’s followers said that ‘It’s been a year you and Kylie fell out !! Look at you now !!!’ and one person said this: ‘Ugh this shoot was so bomb!!! The beginning of an era.’

Someone else also praised Jordyn’s looks and said: ‘If you were a meal, you’d be a fine sandwich.’

Jordyn was recently in the spotlight when a lot of people bashed her following a bunch of pics that she shared on her social media account.

She shared a couple of new pics in which she’s wearing a drop-dead gorgeous red dress.

Some of her followers noticed that Jordyn’s skin might look a bit lighter.

They started a debate in the comments, and some people accused Jordyn of bleaching her skin.


Her diehard fans slammed such rumors and said that it’s all just because of the lighting, and Jordyn did not do anything to her skin.

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