What about that super-photogenic friend of yours who always looks incredible and somehow never seems to look moody or get red-eye in pictures? What’s her secret to appearing photo-ready? Mustn’t she save a lot of time by not de-tagging pictures or frowning at herself on FaceTime? Well, it turns out that being photogenic is not just about having a great face—hurrah! The truth about looking great in a photo is that there are some really handy tips that garner much more flattering results. From how to angle your camera and face to which word to say in order to give you a great smile (spoiler—it’s not cheese), we’ve got 10 incredible tips that are guaranteed to give you a great-looking photo. From the angles that celebrities use in the best selfies to interesting cheats you can do to fake the perfect smile, we have analysed and can conclude that being photogenic isn’t solely connected to your DNA.

Your friend is about to get some serious competition. Scroll down for the best tips on how to be more photogenic and shop our edit of the picture-perfect accessories that’ll up your Instagram game.