Knitwear has, naturally, always been a staple in our wardrobes. We live in Britain, after all; it’s pretty difficult to get by without it. That said, never before has knitwear been quite so fashionable. From the meteoric rise of the humble cardigan to the thin-ribbed jumpers reminiscent of those we wore in ’90s that just made an appearance on catwalks of Chloé and Prada, it’s safe to say knitwear is having its day in the sun. 

Influencers too have also been a catalyst in the change of perception of knitwear, thanks largely to their styling of certain items; cardigans sans tops underneath, jumpers knotted round the shoulders of other jumpers, and so on. They’ve helped make knitwear inherently cool again. 

As such, we’re acutely aware of the knitwear goings on on social media—so, when we realised just about everyone we follow was wearing knits from a brand we’d never heard of before, we knew we had to investigate. Cue Tach Clothing. 

Inspired by vintage but making it work for modern times, Tach Clothing is designed and created in Uruguay, with each piece being carefully handmade and ethically sourced by local artisans. While the brand also offers dresses, jackets, and jeans, its knitwear edit is undoubtedly its star attraction. 

Some its cult-status cropped cardigan to more traditional jumpers with ornate floral embroidery, each and every one of Tach Clothing’s knits is guaranteed to earn you serious style credibility—and consciously, too. Keep scrolling to see the influencers who are already championing Tach Clothing’s knitwear, then proceed to shop our favourite pieces from the current collection. 

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