Fitness model Ashleigh Jordan gave her fans tips on training the abs in the latest video series on her Instagram page. Dressed in a white sports bra and pink leggings, Ashleigh used a cable machine throughout the circuit. In the first clip, she performed a set of cable crunches which required her to lift her legs as she pulled the cable weight. The second video saw her knock out a set of woodchoppers, a lateral movement that incorporated an ab-activating torso twist. In the third clip, she powered through cable Brazilian crunches. For this exercise, she assumed a push-up position with the cable attached to her legs before raising each knee towards her chest.

She ended the circuit with kneeling cable rope crunches during which she bent over at a 90-degree angle while pulling the weight with her arms overhead. In the last clip of the series, Ashleigh advised keeping the arms stationary during these crunches.

“This is going to ensure that your abdominals are nice and engaged throughout the entire movement,” she said.

She also shared additional workout ideas in her caption, telling fans that if they didn’t have access to a cable machine, they can use long resistance bands instead.

In the comments, some fans showed their appreciation for the workout video.

“Pls post more cable workouts! especially variations other than just for arms!” one fan wrote.

“Omg, that first one has my abs SCREAMING just watching! Doing these tomorrow. Thanks, girl!” another added.

But more than a few of Ashleigh’s fans seemed enamored by her leggings which are from her activewear line, NVGTN. All of the styles on their website are currently sold out and several commenters expressed eagerness about the next release.

“Buying all the new leggings on the next launch,” a third commenter wrote before adding a series of heart-eye emoji.

“Will @nvgtn be bringing back the scrunch butt leggings?” another asked. “I’d be so happy.”

Ashleigh regularly wears leggings from her company in videos posted to her Instagram page. In a series of clips from earlier this month, she performed a squat workout in a pair of curve-hugging gray workout pants that featured dark individual strips at the back which accentuated her posterior. In the caption, Ashleigh revealed that the company had moved to a new warehouse for the upcoming release and told one fan in the comments section that their new items will be available on the site in March.

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