Listen, I love a good trend. While I don’t always invest in every one (I like mine to last for a few seasons), I am always up for trying something new in my wardrobe. I still have a great blue gingham top I bought a few years ago that I wear every summer, and there’s a faux-leather green jacket I know I’ll love way after the coloured leather trend has gone. But you always need a decent baseline of pieces that you wear all the time, as quite honestly, it just makes life easier. Influencers and stylists know this and they’re experts and knowing not only which pieces they keep in their wardrobes constantly, but also where to shop the best. 

I spoke to five of my favourite women in fashion—including Alex Steadman and Zeena Shah—who told me which eight pieces they always keep in their wardrobes. There were no real surprises with their selections, but that’s the way I like it. Although everyone I spoke to has a different personal style, they all agreed that there was one item they all needed in their wardrobes: jeans. Keep scrolling to see all the other pieces they chose and shop them too. 

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