Demi Rose took to her Instagram feed today to share a new update with her 12.3 million followers. She was seen turning heads in a revealing outfit, as she apologized in the captions for people’s boyfriends looking at her.

It’s certainly not just her imagination that the men around her were staring — as the update was a video that showed her sauntering up a flight of stairs.

The outfit that she wore was bright blue and purple. The top had a loose neckline that left her cleavage showing. It also incorporated criss-crossed blue ties that emphasized her waist. Meanwhile, her look also included blue gloves that reached her upper arms. There was also a pink fabric that draped over her lower arm — it was the same as the one that made up her skirt.

Demi’s skirt was more of a cover-up than a traditional piece. It was made up of two pieces, one in the front and one in the back. The skirt reached the ground, but left the sides of her body peeking through.

The video showed Demi climbing up stairs as several couples could be seen to her left. The boyfriends were clearly gazing at the model while their girlfriends seemingly could help but look either. There were also a group of three men at the top of the stairs, with one in a hat that couldn’t stop staring.

The beauty’s followers had plenty to say in the comments section.

“You look like the main character in final fantasy walking around like that,” observed a fan.

“Girl I’d point you out. nothing wrong with admiring gods [sic] beauty. You go girl,” encouraged a supporter, their message receiving over 100 likes.

“I wouldn’t even be mad You’d have to apologize to my man that IM [sic] looking,” joked an admirer.

One person had a piece of criticism, however.

“Your [sic] hot asf, but being humble while being that hot is way more attractive,” declared another social media user, whose comment was liked over 400 times.

But that’s not all, as Demi posted another eye-catching update earlier today. This time, she shared a photo, but it too likely caught many people’s attention. After all, the bombshell was seen going topless in tiny thong bikini bottoms. She stood with her back angled towards the camera while holding her chest with her left hand. She glanced over her shoulder with a sultry look on her face. Her hair was worn down and slicked back behind her shoulders.

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