Brunette model Bru Luccas is one of the hottest babes on Instagram. She regularly shares sizzling photographs showcasing her killer figure and voluptuous curves while wearing in scandalous clothing. The stunner enjoys rocking everything from lingerie to swimwear in her snapshots, much to the delight of her 2.4 million followers.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bru shared yet another jaw-dropping pic of herself in a tiger-striped bikini while taking an outdoor shower. It appeared that the stunner had just spent some time luxuriating in the sun and sand while visiting Miami Beach, Florida.

She decided to cool off and purge herself of the grit by standing beneath a showerhead. The photographer captured her facing the water spray with her eyes closed and fingertips pressed against the silver pole to hold herself steady. The hottie’s beautiful body was on display, particularly her peachy booty. Droplets dripped down her smooth backside and thick thighs.

Even though the bodacious babe wasn’t facing forward, her busty chest was also visible thanks to the skimpy nature of her bikini top. Aside from her rear end, she also managed to offer a subtle glimpse of sideboob.

The smokeshow left her hair down, her soaking wet sheet of dark locks cascaded down her backside, tickling the curve of her rear. In another photo she posted from the same day, she wore an orange watch by Knock Out Watches but it’s not visible in her latest update. However, she show her nails, which were painted an eye-popping shade of red. It didn’t appear that she wore much makeup, especially since she was letting the water douse her face.

After only four hours of going live, the post accumulated more than 80,900 likes and over 380 comments. The majority of comments consisted of Spanish-speakers complimenting the vixen.

Other people simply inserted tons of emoji in place of words; the most commonly used were heart-eyes, hearts, and flames. A few admirers even added peach and cake emoji, referring to her terrific behind.

“Flawless and PERFECT!!” exclaimed a follower.

“She is one of the best beauti [sic] in the world,” commented a second user.

“Such a beauty,” a third person chimed in.

“HottestWomenInTheWorld Award,” said a fourth fan.

Bru actually shared a photograph from the same day last week. In that image, she wore the same swimsuit and was also damp, but she was shown sitting on a wooden post with her bountiful cleavage front and center. The snap racked up over 126,000 likes.

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