Hailey Clauson shared a new photo on her Instagram page today wherein she was seen rocking a neon orange bikini.

The swimsuit featured a small and revealing top. It had thin straps and an eye-catching design. The middle of her top was held together with two, gold circular hoops. Plus, there were small cut-outs on the fabric, both of which worked together to offer a view of her cleavage. On the other hand, the bottoms had a basic cut with straps that rested on her hips.

The model stood next to a modern pool. She placed one hand on the white wall beside her. Meanwhile, she played with a strand of hair with her other hand. She faced the camera straight-on and gave a flirty look.

Hailey wore her short and wavy hair down in a middle part. She parted her lips with a hint of a smile on her face. Any makeup that she wore was hard to discern, although whatever she sported looked very natural.

The attention was solely on the beauty’s figure, as she opted to go without any accessories.

The pool area featured completely white walls and accents. Behind her were square platforms of varying heights. A lounge chair could be seen perched on top. Beyond that was a fence with tall trees on the other side.

The photo was taken on a sunny day with many puffy clouds in the sky.

The captions and tagged accounts revealed that the photo was taken on the set of a shoot for Beach Bunny Swimwear. The model also tagged Stacey Tan, a makeup artist and hairstylist. She also added the photographer, Josephine Clough — according to their Instagram bio, they’re based in Los Angeles.

Hailey’s many fans took to the comments section to share their compliments.

“Wow!!! stunning body,” gushed a follower.

“So beautiful! Love the bikini,” declared a supporter.

“That bikini would brighten up anyone’s day!! :),” exclaimed an admirer.

“So flawless and stunning as always!!” expressed a fourth social media user.

In addition, the stunner posted another update six days ago that was similar. It was another bikini pic, except this time, she wore a light lime green ensemble. Hailey posed against a cream-colored wall and left her hands down by her sides. The swimsuit had a classic cut: the top was a triangle-style piece and the bottoms were small with thin straps. The model’s toned figure was on full display as she gave a hint of a pout for the photo.

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